About North American Utility Partners

Who We Are

North American Utility Partners' rich resource of energy expertise and operation gurus offer a suite of unique and dynamic engagements designed to meet our partners' business objectives in wealth-building. NAUP partners with prospective investors, private equity groups, venture capital firms, or energy-asset owners who are looking for strategic and market knowledge to leverage their conceptual or existing platform and take it to a new level of performance. Our core strengths are our intellectual capital, our expertise as an operator and our partnerships.

Our Goals

As partners, our collective goals will be to increase your firm's valuation by either mitigating risks and/or accelerating performance forecasts. You would seldom receive a weekly invoice for hours rendered. This attests to our desire to be your trusted advisor and partner.

Working Together

In today's business environment, relationships are critical to one's success. You can expect our interactions to be straight-forward, honest and fair as we believe this is the only way to build long-term mutually benefiting relationships. We are a business partner on whom you can rely to deliver quality results, on time for every step of the engagement.

How a Partnership with NAUP Can Benefit You

Because of NAUP's experience across the entire supply chain, systems and platforms, and its global network of committed partners, we are able to take your project through the early stage development process and create a market for your technology in regulated and deregulated, private, public or government spaces. NAUP has led private placements as low as $5 Million (US) and up to $1 Billion (US) in large-scale project financing.