About North American Utility Partners

Our Approach

As a venture development firm, NAUP’s approach is very different from traditional consulting firms or venture capital firms. The cornerstone of our model is based on the fact that NAUP is not interested in being a consultant; instead we are interested in being a partner with skin in the game. Secondly, NAUP is not a passive investor; we are subject matter experts who seek projects and partnerships where our intellectual, social and technical capital can be used to help mitigate risk, increase value and/or accelerate results.

Because NAUP is an operating partner and subject matter advisor to a variety of capital sources including the traditional institutional investment community as well as corporate or strategic investors, our collective investment and knowledge assures well-managed growth.

In the majority of cases presented, our network and experience enable us to successfully walk projects through the phases of development from conception to exit strategy. Our belief in a win/win situation for the members of senior management of our portfolio companies and incentivized ownership representation ensures true shareholder value.