About North American Utility Partners

NAUP Careers

North American Utility Partners seeks prospective senior management candidates whose distinction goes above and beyond brilliance and who are eager to be a part of innovative and industry-changing initiatives. Our portfolio of career opportunities spans many parts of the globe in the following areas of expertise:

  • Wholesale Energy Operations
  • Retail Energy Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Finance (US and global)
  • Renewable Generation Technologies
  • Regulatory (various geographies/scope)
  • Renewable Service and Regulatory Affairs related to the renewable industry
  • Engineering, Construction Project Management

NAUP’s scope of projects involves interacting with senior management and founders of various portfolio companies and/or incubating projects scheduled to become stand-alone entities. We are only interested in candidates who have a minimum of 10 years of solid leadership experience in their respective fields. In the event that you may be a candidate, please submit your respective résumé or curriculum vitae along with a cover letter describing the type of opportunity you believe will be the best fit for your experience and skill set.

Please feel free to submit your profile and introduction letter in confidence. Additionally, please specify if you have experience or a project that may be specific to geographical location. Thank you.

Submit to: careers@nautilitypartners.com