About North American Utility Partners

Small Firm, Big Projects & Bigger Results

Great ideas thrive when cultivated in a nourishing environment. At NAUP, we have helped brilliant "black box" ideas once developed in virtual silos turn into the next multi-billion dollar enterprise. Similarly, we have advised under-funded projects lacking resources and a clearly defined strategy thrive in a viciously competitive environment.

Types of Companies/Projects Sought After

Aspiring to become the trusted advisor and operating partner to funding groups worldwide, our years of operational excellence and vast network of industry professionals has helped us leverage the NAUP brand to companies whose projects and ideas are at varied ends of the planning lifecycle and for various reasons. We work closely with teams in need of clearly defining a plan to effectively execute their strategy whether their project is distressed and in need of a turnaround or exit strategy, or entrepreneurs with a great idea stuck in the strategy and planning phases that need access to a network of resources to help bring their idea to market. The brain trust at NAUP has made careful investments in private placements for investors looking to diversify their portfolio (either debt or equity securities), gain a stronger foothold in the energy markets, or those looking for synergies and to expand their footprint. The repeated consistent deliverable when NAUP is involved are summed up best in two phrases; acceleration and risk mitigation.

NAUP and our Portfolio Companies

Members of senior management in almost every NAUP portfolio company has been selectively recruited, and where possible, made an equity participant in the company. In most cases NAUP has no interest in directly running the day-to-day operations, but rather through more indirect means, seeks involvement via informal communication channels. Alternatively, NAUP is actively involved in setting strategy, establishing benchmarks around that strategy and assisting via looking for ways in which to accelerate growth and/or find areas where we can mitigate risk. NAUP maintains at least one seat on the Board of virtually every company we are involved in. Each portfolio company is provided access to NAUP's knowledge of the market and industry, network of industry contacts and collaboration among the various companies in our portfolio.

NAUP is typically a minority investor in distressed companies or fledgling start-ups who lack resources (financial or human capital). NAUP structures each deal to ensure that the portfolio company's strategies are maximized while maintaining a financially sound corporate and operating structure that facilitates growth and market viability as a thriving concern. Being a member of NAUP's portfolio of companies, lends each group access to an extensive network of industry experts and market knowledge designed to catapult each enterprise to the next plane of success. Collaborating in unison, NAUP portfolio companies reap rewards of scalability, integrity, and market power that come with the NAUP brand.