About North American Utility Partners

Our Identity

North American Utility Partners is the go-to resource for wealth-building objectives of energy-minded investors, private equity groups, venture capital firms or energy-asset owners who are looking to leverage their conceptual or existing platform and take it to a new level of performance.

Because of NAUP's experience across the entire supply chain, systems and platforms, and its global network of committed partners, we are able to take your project through the early stage development process and create a market for your technology in regulated and deregulated, private, public or government spaces.

We cultivate partnerships rather than clients. Every NAUP partnership includes the development of a co-risk management committee to ensure proper adherence to the respective agreed-to policies. An important advantage to becoming a partner with NAUP is that the synergy of our portfolio companies balance and mitigate each other's risks.

NAUP looks for opportunities that create true cost-efficient and reliable solutions that produce large-scale power. Additionally, NAUP looks for smaller-scale innovation and technologies that can be deployed on-site or near the end-user to help reduce consumption drawn from the respective grid, provide required renewable energy credits and, perhaps, even provide arbitrage opportunities.

Through detailed analysis and reporting, NAUP provides our partners with real-time communications and strategies to duly manage their business.

Our Mantras

We foster a roundtable structure so that the free flow of ideas can occur, which ensures the best idea wins. Great ideas come from great thinkers. Our ideas, strategies and approach make the financial transaction successful. We relentlessly pursue implementation of our strategies to realize the objectives. Ideas in and of themselves do little; we work harder and smarter at the implementation of those great ideas.