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Wholesale & Physical Delivery

Many traditional wholesale energy shops have extensive teams who are well-versed in the financial and trading aspects of the business. What sets NAUP’s Wholesale Operations practice apart from the competition is its understanding, born from extensive experience, of the physical aspect of the business. By marrying both sides of the equation, we can build a full-scale model that portrays all the needs unique to your project.

Understanding the infrastructure requirement it takes to move a commodity from the source and/or generation site to the grid and, ultimately, to the customer’s delivery point is a complex task; one that is wrought with not only financial questions, but is riddled with scenarios for least-cost routing and mitigating the transport-related risks and costs. An important advantage to becoming a partner with NAUP is that the synergy of our portfolio companies balance and mitigate each other's risks.

NAUP has built its Wholesale Operations practice on the premise that we want to be the trusted source for providing expert market knowledge. This aspiration is realized by maintaining a thorough understanding of the wholesale energy markets, thereby increasing shareholder value to all of our partners. Having in-house experts with years of experience who understand the ins and outs of the business is a tough commodity to come across. That is why we at NAUP can help our partners make strategic decisions through capitalization on unique market opportunities and identify areas where efficiencies can be garnered.

NAUP’s Wholesale and Physical Delivery Desk has a wide array of experience developing customized systems, products, and solutions for retailers, marketers and large commercial entities, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The offerings include:

  • Forecasting, nominating and/or power scheduling
  • Settlements with the respective ISO
  • Demand management/response programs
  • On-site generation installation and real-time management
  • Physical and financial commodity procurement
  • Custom development and execution of hedging strategies or risk-management policies
  • Retail portfolio optimization and analysis
  • QSE management services