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Investing in Climate & Policy Change

Climate change is every bit a problem facing the economy and business community as it has been a socio-political issue being debated across the country. Before, it was mainly environmental pundits clamoring the need for cleaner sources of power generation and beckoning government and regulatory officials to respond with better policies and market rules. Now, it seems as if there is a social movement underway that is not only encouraging, but borderline demanding that cleaner, newer, more environmental-friendly technologies and business practices be adopted and are key to better future.

The energy landscape is needing to quickly upgrade its costly, outdated, and environmental-unfriendly infrastructure. With a new administration now in the presidential office, we are seeing the next chapter of a market-based economy making a concerted effort in search of newer, smarter, cheaper methods to source and deliver power to fuel the lifeblood of the American and Global economy. As a result, billions of dollars have been earmarked to address the creation of jobs with clean, efficient, energy. We believe there will no doubt be a resurgence of investment and technological innovation.

Between now and 2050, the International Energy Agency estimates that $45 trillion will be needed to develop and deploy new, clean technologies. We believe that in spite of the considerable economic downturn in 2008, distraction will not prevail. NAUP is committed to the idea that investing in accordance with much of the new Administration's policies will not only create new and cleaner sources of energy, but potentially create a new technological/industrial revolution, creating many new jobs and a more dynamic business landscape.

We at NAUP are seeking to invest in and partner with companies that are developing solutions to help meet these criteria. We are looking for those companies that are determined to help mitigate the effects of climate change and creating advances in the area of energy efficiency.