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Smart Platforms – The Key to a New Infrastructure

Building the better mousetrap is every entrepreneur's goal. That is where the value proposition begins. NAUP Software Services (DBA: North American Risk & Energy Systems), subsidiary of NAUP, knows that with any venture, especially in today's digital era, you are only as effective as your systems allow you to be. True value, therefore, is created once you have identified all the processes that are unique to your business model and implemented technological solutions to provision those needs and intelligently interact one with another.

At NAUP, we are ushering into the archaic world of energy the Integrated Virtual Utility via intelligent platforms and systems that will enable our partners remain ahead of the technology curve. No longer will you have to worry about system integration issues that potentially may cost your business millions of dollars in losses or having to cease operations in any one market. By partnering with NAUP, you will have a higher total return on investment while maintaining focus on your core service offering – the value you bring to your customers on a daily basis.

Information Systems

We at NAUP understand the significance and cost of having timely, accurate, and cost-effective customer information systems. With NAUP's modular approach to software development, you will be able to select from a full range of automated processes that will handle every aspect of customer provisioning. Our software will intelligently “speak” your company's language and tie in with virtually every piece of your business. These processes include point of sale enrollment, customer verification, service connection/disconnection, meter reads, and billing. Related functions also included are payment processing from multiple vendor systems, collections, commissions, contract and customer relationship management, and aging receivables modules and much more.

For power marketers, generators and large commercial and industrial entities that manage their own energy load obligations, NAUP provides wholesale scheduling, forecasting, and settlement modules; along with QSE Management Services. We also custom develop software for those interested in asset optimization, load management from distributed generation projects for arbitrage opportunities, and installation of roof-top solar panels.

We understand how volatile the markets have been historically, the uncertainties they present on a daily basis, and concern that they present to risk management committees. Therefore NAUP has developed this series of functionality to help risk managers effectively manage and reliably track and reconcile data with each respective market participants. These services define what it means to meet daily operating and financial reporting requirements and ensure that no electron goes unaccounted for.

Typical software providers offer all these modules as stand-alone features; regardless of the market, the functionality (in essence) is the same. However, where most fail is the ability to interact with and effectively “speak” your company's business language. Without the need to operate several disparate systems each uniquely configured to handle various aspects of the business, with NAUP, your data will tie-in to your proprietary business rules and communicate with each of your third-party vendors that help differentiate your company and bring customers value.