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Retailing Commodities

Our partners can take advantage of more competitive pricing when it comes to fulfilling customers’ load obligations as a direct result of having several entities within NAUP’s portfolio that are responsible for load aggregation or the pooling of multiple customers’ load, also referred to as the retailing of commodities. We believe that such load aggregation programs can be the ultimate hedge for various market participants, including trading operations.

It is NAUP’s experience that this aspect of the supply chain is often written off as too difficult to explore or unimportant. Considering the volumes of data that must be managed and accounted for and the level to which the data must be accessed and reviewed, many believe it is not worth the extra headache and hassle required to run such an entity even though the margins are much higher.

This is another place where NAUP can provide value. By leveraging our experience in this area and our expertise with various platforms and systems, we can implement solutions that will help you capitalize on your relationships and continue building value.