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Risk Management

NAUP’s personalized approach to Risk Management provides a customized strategy for our portfolio entities. It is not a typical services contract-to-client environment. Risk, and the parameters to which it is examined, is uniquely defined per project. Our attentiveness to risk and strict adherence to the risk management policy is critical to our success.

Every NAUP partnership includes the development of a co-risk management committee to ensure proper adherence to the respective agreed-to policies. It is our goal to measure thrice, stress test the various potential scenarios and cut once.

The advantage of this strategy is that each of these entities/projects benefit each other and, in most cases, are able to provide some form of “insurance” in a worst-case scenario. We look for partnership opportunities through the entire energy supply chain, from molecules in the ground to end-user delivery point.

We realize that the end goal of any effective risk management policy is to properly assess all known risks, quantify acceptable parameters and develop a plan to effectively mitigate the occurrence of any scenarios that might impact the risk policy. Through detailed analysis and reporting, NAUP will provide real-time communications and strategies to duly manage the business.